Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Gift While You’re Away

I don’t know if you have to travel occasionally for your work, but I find myself having to leave my wife and kids behind every once in a while to travel. While the trips are generally worthwhile, I still don’t like having to leave my wife behind. It’s not like I married her so that we couldn’t spend time together; I married her so that we could.

Nevertheless, I find myself out on the road or above it in the friendly skies every once in a while. It’s even worse when I go out of the country, especially to places where I don’t have good Internet access. I mean, how can I tell my wife I love her, when I can’t even send her an e-mail?

Thanks to the miracles of old-fashioned communications, it’s still possible to let your wife know you love her, even when you’re away and communication is spotty. I say old-fashioned communications because it’s necessary to use something that has more than milliseconds worth of delay built into it; like a few days. That’s right, the slow pace of snail mail really does have a valuable purpose.

All it takes is to send a gift to your wife the day you leave. That’s it. Depending on where you send it from, it will take anywhere from a day to five days to get to her. That will make it arrive while you’re gone, giving the impression that you did it while away. More importantly, it will tell your wife that you love her, even though you’re away for the moment.

Another option is to have something delivered to her while you’re away. Many florists have delivery services that will deliver on whatever day you want. Another way is to buy a gift for her through the Internet, timing your purchase so that it will be delivered while you are gone.

It really doesn’t matter how you do it, or really how big the gift is. The important thing is that you’ve thought of her and done something to show your love, even though you are away.

Many women are plagued with thoughts about the possibility of their husband’s possible infidelity. Those thoughts attack them even more while their husbands are away on a trip. The possibility that they are with another women while on their “business trip” can be a real problem for many wives. Besides the obvious struggle with maintaining faith in him, she can also feel unloved, just because of those thoughts.

Well, receiving a love gift right in the middle of all that is a surefire way to dispel those thoughts and the negative feelings that they bring. A reminder of your love while you are away will help her tremendously and help make sure that she greets you with a hug and a kiss when you get home.

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