Friday, June 1, 2012

More Than Her Lips

Have you ever watched a movie where some European guy kisses the woman’s hand? That probably seemed a bit strange to you. After all, why kiss her hand, when you can kiss her lips? Of course, if she’s not your wife, that’s a whole other story. Then again, with the way women react to it, there might be something to kissing hands after all.

Kissing is wonderfully romantic; but it doesn’t have to be limited to just her lips. The thing to remember here is that a woman’s skin is much more sensitive than a man’s. So, while a kiss on the hand may not seem like much to us, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t much to them. In fact, a kiss on the hand is a great way to find your way to her lips.

I’m obviously not recommending that you go around kissing every woman you meet on her hand. While they might like it, I’m sure that your wife wouldn’t. What I am recommending is kissing your own wife on her hand.

Actually, I’m recommending much more than that. Why not start on her hand and work your way up her arm, kissing every inch or two. So what if it takes a while to get there, you can both enjoy it. While you’re at it, a few kisses on the back of her neck wouldn’t hurt either.

Yesterday, my wife and I were on an airplane, returning from Mexico. We like to express our love to one another frequently, in a number of different ways. However, it’s a bit difficult to kiss when strapped into an airline seat; not impossible, just awkward. So, instead of kissing her on the lips, I kissed her hand and her arm. That had as much positive effect on her as if I had kissed her on the lips.

One thing that makes this type of kissing effective is that it is one-way kissing. What I mean by that is that it is an expression of love, without the expectation of reciprocation. If I kiss my wife on the lips, I expect her to kiss back; but when I kiss her hand, I just expect her to enjoy it.

Kissing in not only wonderfully romantic, it’s incredibly intimate as well. It’s a form of marital intimacy that can be practiced in public, without problem. Actually, there’s something about a kiss that can’t even be expressed by “more intimate” forms of touch. Perhaps that’s because a kiss doesn’t have to be overtly sexual, it can just be extremely loving. Women want that expression of love, without the sexual overtones, just for the sake of being loved.

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