Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Never Enough Flowers

I like to go back to the classic romantic acts every once in a while. I guess they’re classics because they never really grow old; women never get tired of them and they always have the desired effect. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we can’t put a different twist on them. There’s nothing wrong with mixing a bit of originality into the classics, coming up with a new way of presenting them.

Take flowers, for example. While buying flowers for your wife every day isn’t going to be all that effective, there’s nothing that says you can’t buy them once or twice a month. The trick here is to find the balance between doing it so often that it becomes routine and doing it so rarely that it seems you’ve forgotten. That “window” of balance is actually pretty wide, so it’s not all that hard to find.

It never hurts do use a little bit of originality in your flower purchases either. Granted, red roses are the classic “I love you” flower; but they aren’t the only ones which can say that message. Pretty much any type of flower speaks the same language, so you don’t have to stick to just red roses all the time.

Okay, so what can we do differently with our flowers this time? How about a bit of a scavenger hunt? We don’t have to get real complicated, just enough to make her work at it for a few minutes. Buy some flowers, say a dozen of something. The actual number doesn’t really matter, just as long as you know how many you bought. Then prepare some little notes that say “1 of 12, where are the rest?” “2 of 12, where are the rest” etc. Attach the notes to the flowers and leave them in various places around the house.

Make sure you leave one of the flowers someplace where she’s definitely going to find it quickly. That will be the trigger to get her looking for the rest of them. The numbers will keep her going until she finds them all. Don’t get carried away hiding them, as you want to be sure that she finds them.

If you want to get really fancy, you could leave a couple of gifts along with some of the flowers. A small box of chocolates, a card, a book she’s been wanting to read, maybe some lace panties or a new CD. Romantic little things that she’ll enjoy. You don’t have to leave gifts with all the flowers or for that matter with any of the flowers; but doing so will just add to the fun. 

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