A Note to the Ladies

Yes ladies, I know you’re here, reading my posts. That’s okay, even though I put “For Men Only” on the banner up there, I really didn’t expect you to stay away. Some of you are just curious, some of you are wishing and maybe some of you are looking for ideas as well.

I want to ask you to do yourself a couple of favors. I say that, because you’re really not doing it for me, or even for your husband, but if you’ll do these things, it will help you have a more romantic marriage.

First of all, please don’t use what you find on this blog as a stick to beat your husband over the head. Granted, he may not be the most romantic guy in the world, but in his own way, he’s trying. If you’re going to use this blog as a way to motive your husband to be more romantic, why not find an indirect way to suggest it to him. One way that you could do that is to get someone else to recommend it to him. That way, it’s not coming from you.

Secondly, I’d like you to realize that you need to be romantic towards him as well. In my years of giving marriage seminars to couples, I’ve encountered lots of women who complain that their husband wasn’t romantic enough; but, when I asked them about what they did to be romantic to him, they acted like I was from another planet. I’m not saying you’re that way, I’m just asking you to not become that way. Remember, what is romantic to you isn’t necessarily romantic to him.

Finally, and most importantly, respond positively to your husband’s attempts to be romantic, even if they turn out to be blunders. If you want him to be romantic towards you, you need to make absolutely sure that he knows you notice and appreciate it. Even if he tramples your garden, trying to cut one flower for you, respond with a big kiss, so that he knows you appreciate his effort.

If you want to kill any attempt by your husband to being romantic, just ignore what he’s doing. He’ll get the message quick enough; that is, he’ll get the message that his romantic acts don’t mean a thing to you. Is that the message you want him to get?

Your husband is not a hopeless case. He can be romantic. All he needs is a little positive encouragement from you.