Sunday, March 20, 2011

Give Your Wife a Pedicure

Okay, I’ll tell you up front, this one’s going to seem a little strange to you, but I’m sure your wife will love it. Have you ever wondered why so many women love to go to the beauty salon? Yeah, yeah, I know women want to look beautiful and they go there to get their hair done. But, that’s not all; the beauty salon isn’t just about beauty, it’s about being pampered.

Think about it; why would a woman, who is capable of trimming and painting her own toe nails, want to pay someone else to do it for them? Granted, some women might have a little trouble bending down that much, but I’m not talking about them, No, I’m talking about the rest of the women who go there.
So, why not pamper your wife a little and give her a pedicure? First you’ll need to get the materials together, here’s a list:

·         Foot bath (basin with warm water, possibly Epsom salt)
·         Towel
·         If your wife uses an “egg” for calloused areas on her feet, grab that
·         Hand cream (not the kind you put in your coffee)
·         Nail clippers
·         An emery board
·         Nail polish

Now, sit your wife down in a comfortable chair and sit on the floor, or a low stool in front of her. Take her shoes, off and put her feet to soak in the warm water. It wouldn’t hurt to rub them while they’re in there. After a bit, use the “egg” on any rough spots. Take her feet out and dry them off before the water has a chance to turn cold.

Rub some hand lotion into her feet, wiping off any excess. If her nails need trimming, go ahead and do that, but don’t base it on your opinion that they need trimming, ask her. Either way, shape and remove any burrs from her nails with the emery board. Finally, paint her nails.

She should feel extra special that you’ve pampered her this way. Maybe she’ll find some way to pamper you too.

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