Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Romance of Olden Times

Have you ever noticed how old-fashioned, antique stuff has an air of romance around it? Let me show you what I mean. If you walk into a Victorian home, it says “romance” to you; but if you walk into an ultra-modern home, it’s stark, screaming “cold” to you. If a woman wears a modern, tight-fitting short dress, it might look sexy (depending on the woman), but if she wears a long, lacy Victorian dress, it says “romance” once again.

I don’t know what it is about that old stuff that speaks romance. Maybe it’s just that those times were simpler; people had more time together; life wasn’t lived at a breakneck pace. Or, maybe it’s just our imaginations. Well, whatever it is, let’s take advantage of it.

Little girls love to play tea party, and you know what? They don’t outgrow it. So, hie thee yonder to the corner antique store and find a couple of china tea cups, saucers and dessert plates. You might have to pay a bit for that antique stuff, but it’s going to become something special for you and your wife.

Wrap it up in a nice box, along with some nice tea and maybe a few pastries or fancy cookies. When your wife opens it (hopefully before the pastries go stale), tell her that this is a special set, for just the two of you, when you want to take a moment alone over your coffee or tea.

What you want to happen is to create a new tradition as a couple. This set can become a symbol that you can use with each other, when you just want to spend a few minutes together. Whichever one of you has that urge, can go make the coffee or tea, grab some pastries or cookies and bring it on a tray to your spouse. That’s the sign that it’s time to drop whatever you’re doing and move on to something more important… some time together.

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