Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Feather Touch

There are a number of biological differences between women and men; I don’t just mean the obvious ones (hopefully you've got those figured out), but in a rather large number of subtle ways our bodies function differently. One of the interesting ones is with the senses. Generally speaking, women’s senses of smell, taste and touch are more sensitive than men’s.

Perfumes, colognes and after shave aren’t really made to satisfy a man’s sense of smell, but a woman’s. While we as guys, can appreciate it when our wives use a nice perfume, we really don’t receive the same impact from it that our wives do. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well; things that smell bad don’t have as much impact on us as they do on our wives. We can much more easily put up with those bad smells.

But, I digress; I really didn’t want to talk about the sense of smell, but the sense of touch. A woman’s sense if touch is also more sensitive than a man’s. While things that touch us lightly might be annoying to us, to our wives they are enjoyable.

Being guys, we tend to grab out wives with the “Me Tarzan, You Jane” type of expression of love. Okay, there are times when that’s effective; but it’s not really what our wives want from us. What they really prefer is a light touch, a feather light touch, a touch so light that you’re not really sure it’s there. That will send all sorts of shivers up and down her spine.

Now, I realize that a touch that light might be a little hard to achieve. But, never fear, God has taken care of that for us. All we need to have, in order to do the feather touch thing, is a feather.

So, go find a feather somewhere. I’d recommend finding one in a store, instead of on the street. Any feather you pick up on the street would probably be dirty, and if it isn’t your wife might think it’s dirty. Either way, it’ll ruin the effect. Go to your local craft store and find a nice feather there. It can be your special feather for tickling your wife.

Okay, so now that you have your feather, how do you use it, right? Well, this one’s pretty simple. Grab the feather by the quill end (that’s the stick end) and touch your wife with the other end. Touch her anywhere you can find skin to touch; she’s probably got a pretty good supply of skin for you to touch. Don’t bother with anything covered up with clothing, as she might not feel that. Move her hair out of the way, and run it over the back of her neck (women love this), run it up and down her arms, her legs, over her back… I think you get the idea… Have fun.

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