Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Love Note Mailbox

Women love to receive love notes, there’s no question about it. They treasure them, keep them, even go back to read them over and over again. The only problem is that most guys don’t’ think they can write a good love note. They’re not well versed in all that “mushy” stuff that you’re “supposed to put in love notes.”

Okay, hold it a minute. Let’s back up here. Granted, women like that mushy stuff, no doubt about it. But, did your wife fall in love with you for your ability to write or even say mushy stuff? If not, what makes you think that you’ve got to come up with it today?

When you were dating, what sort of stuff did you say to her? Okay, so if it worked back then, why wouldn’t it work now? Hopefully, I got you thinking with that one.

Now, let’s set up a “mailbox” for love notes. If you can get to a craft store, they might actually have a small wood or metal mailbox that you can use; even better if they have one with a flag on it to show when there is mail in it. If you can’t get a mailbox, how about any fancy box? You can rig up something to act as a flag.

Decorate your mailbox by painting it and maybe putting some flower or heart stickers on it. Make it her style somehow, because it’s going to be her personal mailbox to receive love notes from you.

Now, about your love note; just write whatever comes to mind. Make sure it’s positive and loving. Maybe talk about something you’ve done together, or something you’re going to do. Or, if all else fails, just tell her you love her.

Once you give it to her, you can use it from time to time to drop her another love note. Maybe you’re planning on taking her to a movie, or a concert; drop the tickets in her mailbox. Maybe you want to meet her for lunch; you can leave the note for that in her mailbox too. Just make sure you only use it for notes about your relationship, things you’re going to do together, and love notes to her; nothing else.

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