Monday, March 21, 2011

Let Her Show You Off

Everyone says that men are competitive and goal oriented. While I’m sure that this is true, I’m also sure that women can be just as competitive and just as goal oriented as men are. They just have different sorts of competitions and different sorts of goals.

Have you ever seen how women try and show each other up in the way they dress? I remember once a number of years ago, when the church had a Christmas banquet luncheon just for the ladies. I had to drop my wife off, so saw several of the women arriving. They were all dressed fit to kill, even though there wasn’t going to be a single man at the banquet. Some of those same women came to a meeting with their husbands that evening in jeans and t-shirts. Women don’t dress to attract men; they do so to show off to other women.

Another way that women compete is in complaining about their husbands. Get any group of women together, and before long the competition starts. One complains about something her husband has done and the next one starts out by saying, “That’s nothing; my husband…” Those are the key words, you can translate “that’s nothing” to mean, “here’s one to top you.”

Well, here’s a way for your wife to switch that competition around to the positive and at the same time feel good about you. Let your wife have some sort of ladies gathering at the house, and offer to cook for them. Unless all you know how to cook is a bowl of corn flakes, I guarantee you that your wife will jump at the opportunity. Even though she may not say it, and even though it may not be the thought in the forefront of her mind, somewhere in there she’s going to think, “I’ll show them what my husband can do.”

Now remember, these are women you are cooking for. They’re not going to be impressed by your giant gut-bomb jalapeño burger, burnt on the grill. That’s great for the guys, but not for them. Cook them the best things you can, but just make sure that your wife approves of the menu before you go to the store.

While you’re in the kitchen cooking, all of your wife’s friends are going to be jealous of her. After all, their husbands don’t cook for them and their friends. They may start talking bad about their husbands, but it’ll be different this time; they’ll all be comparing their husbands to you.

Now remember, you’re not doing this to apply for a job as somebody else’s husband. You probably wouldn’t want her anyway. You’re doing this to build romance between you and your wife. How is this building romance? Simple, all that talk the other ladies are doing about you is going to make your wife feel great about you; unless you leave everything in the oven to burn, while you go off to watch the game, that is.

That great feeling is what you’re trying to create by being romantic. Even though this isn’t something you’re doing to her, it’s something you’re doing for her. Just like any of the other acts of service we’ve discussed in this blog, it’s going to bring the results you want.

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