Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Good Sense of Humor

It seems that one of the hardest skills to learn is how to laugh at ourselves. I mean, think about it, as human beings, we are definitely the funniest thing on the planet. While we might occasionally laugh at some animal antics, most of what we laugh about is human antics, especially those that are embarrassing to the person who did them.

So, if it’s so easy to laugh at others, why do we have trouble laughing at ourselves for the same blunders? Is this a case of, “If it happens to them, it’s funny; if it happens to me, it’s a disaster”? Hey, if it’s funny when it happens to them, then somebody somewhere thinks it’s funny when it happens to us. If somebody is going to be laughing, we may as well join in.

I think we humans tend to take ourselves a little too seriously. There’s too much desire to make ourselves look good, and not enough desire to make ourselves look like ourselves.

I’ve got some news for you. Your wife didn’t marry you for what you pretend to be, she married you for who you are. She can see through all that stuffiness, self-righteousness and pretending, to see the person within. You may as well let that person out to play.

Learning to laugh at yourself is all about putting things in the right perspective. Is that thing that happened really all that important? Is it worth the anger you are investing in it? Wouldn’t it be better, instead of thinking that you’ve got to be perfect, to think that you’ve got to be fun to be around? That’s what I mean by perspective. Don’t invest your energy in being angry, have a laugh and go on. That’ll make you more fun to be around.

Hey, if you don’t learn how to be fun to be around, then you’ll never succeed in being romantic.

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