Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who Me? Arrange Flowers?

Flowers in and of themselves are a nice, romantic gift to give to your wife. Likewise, anything that someone makes with their own hands is a special gift, because of the personal touch that it put into it. So, if we want the best of both worlds, why not try your hand at coming up with a special flower arrangement for your wife.

The first step is always to pick the flowers you are going to use. Are there certain flowers that have a special meaning for you as a couple, or even just for her? If you can get them, those might be a great place to start. If not, pick an assortment of flowers that you think look good together. Don’t forget to buy some greenery (leaves) and Baby’s Breath (clusters of little white flowers) to complete your arrangement.

You’re going to need something to put your flower arrangement in, too. Maybe you’ve already got a vase around the house that you can use, if not, you’ll need to pick one up. Or, maybe you’ve got something else that can be used for a more original container.

Before starting to arrange your flowers, you might want to take a minute to look at some flower arrangements on the Internet. That will help you get an idea in your mind of how you want your finished arrangement to look. 

Even though your flowers have been cut before, you’ll want to cut them off again, at an angle, so that there is a fresh part of the stem to absorb water. To arrange your flowers, you’ll want to start by putting your greenery in the vase. The first flowers should be the tallest ones, which should go in the center. Start working around the outside of those tallest flowers, adding shorter stems, cutting them as necessary. Remember, if you are using several different types of flowers, you want to mix them, not do them in rings like a bulls-eye.

Finish off your arrangement with the Baby’s Breath around the edges and occasional pieces of it between the larger flowers. Tying a ribbon around the vase makes a nice touch as well.

There you have it, your own flower arrangement. Your wife will be thrilled that you actually did it yourself, even if it doesn’t look as good as the ones the professionals do.

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