Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch Her Health

God has given women this wonderful ability to nurture and take care of others. It seems that all women have a nursing function built in. Maybe that’s why up until recent times, pretty much all nurses have been women. It’s almost as if a nursing career is just brining forth this natural gift.

On the other hand, us men don’t seem to take to nursing all that well. At least, I don’t. I’m always surprised to meet a male nurse, not because of anything sexist, just that I really couldn’t see myself in that role. I’d probably be one of the worst nurses in the history of the world. Oh, I cook for my wife when she’s not feeling well and go get her medicine for her, things like that, but I just don’t have that innate ability to make someone feel good when their body isn’t feeling good.

Even though women are naturally good at this nursing stuff, I’ll have to say that I’ve found one person that many women are really not good at taking care of; that’s themselves. I’m not talking about not eating right or not taking vitamins; while some are better than other about that, it’s really not the issue. What I’m talking about is things that require them to spend money on themselves. You know, going to the dentist, buying an expensive prescription, buying quality shoes so that their feet don’t hurt; things like that.

The same woman who will buy a closet full of cheap shoes won’t spend the money to buy some good shoes that properly support her feet, even if she’s on her feet all day long. She might complain about her feet hurting every night, but she still won’t buy those shoes. Likewise with the dentist, she’ll make sure that the kids go for their checkups, but when it comes to that cavity getting filled, she’ll wait till she can’t stand the pain any more.

I guess that’s all part of that mothering instinct that women have. They’re so busy taking care of everyone else, that they don’t really pay attention to taking care of themselves. Not good. A mom who doesn’t take care of herself isn’t going to be able to take care of anyone else.

That’s where we’ve got to get in the act, guys. If your wife is like mine and like many others I’ve seen, you’re going to have to push her to take care of what she needs. If you have to, take her to the doctor or dentist yourself. Or, take her to that shoe store and tell her she’s not leaving until she buy some shoes that will treat her feet right (just take a good book to read while you’re waiting). Whatever it takes.

One of the ways that women express love is by taking care of those around them. Well, guess what? When others take care of them, they interpret it the same way. So, taking care of your wife is very romantic. Why? Because you’re showing her that you value her; isn’t that what romance is all about?

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