Saturday, March 3, 2012


Of all the substances which exist in the world, chocolate has to be one of the most romantic; especially if it’s dark chocolate, extra especially if it’s dark chocolate with some other flavor, like orange or raspberry, mixed in. Really; if chocolate wasn’t so romantic, why is it one of the top two Valentine’s Day gifts?

Granted, I might be a little prejudiced on this, being a chocoholic from a family of chocoholics; but I really think I’m on to something here. Other than the few people out there who are allergic to it, and the rare person who doesn’t like it, pretty much everyone loves chocolate.

With chocolate being so popular, why is it that we usually only buy it for our wives on Valentine’s Day or when we need to apologize for something? It seems to me, that buying chocolate for my wife is just as good a romantic act as buying her flowers. Neither of them will last forever, but by having another romantic gift idea, I can keep the variety going.

Now, there’s chocolate and then there’s CHOCOLATE. You know what I mean? I mean that not all chocolate is created equal. There’s the cheap chocolate that they sell in the valentine’s heart boxes, and there’s the really good, gourmet kind of chocolate that you buy at a Chocolatier. Now, that’s CHOCOLATE.

We’ve talked before how our wives don’t give us more points for doing a bigger romantic act, or for spending more money on a romantic act. So, there’s really no reason to spend a bunch of money buying a big box of chocolates. However, it really makes a great impression when you buy one or two really gourmet chocolate truffles instead. In fact, I think it makes more of an impact to buy two high-quality truffles from a Chocolatier than it does to buy a two-pound, $9.95 special.

Of course, if you buy her the two quality chocolates, they’re not going to last her very long, which gives you the opportunity to buy her more. Then too, by buying her only a couple, she’s not going to be complaining about what it does to her waistline. You can see it as a healthier gift.

Speaking of health, Chocolate has also been shown to help women overcome PMS and menopause. There’s something in the chocolate which is chemically very similar to estrogen, so by eating chocolate, it has a similar affect to their bodies producing more estrogen. Just a little side point here, women who have higher estrogen levels tend to have curvier, more voluptuous bodies.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find yourself a nice little chocolate shop and surprise her with something to make her mouth happy, and the rest of them at the same time.

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