Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Texting Your Love

You know, it’s truly amazing; women never get tired of being told that they are loved. I don’t care how many times you do it, they still want to hear it some more. I know that may seem a bit strange to you and me, but we’re not talking about how we think, but how they think.

If a woman says “I love you” to a man over and over again, he’s going to think, “Then show me.” But, women aren’t wired that way. They are much more motivated by the words than we are. To them, the words alone are enough to be a demonstration of love. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t show our love in other ways, but we definitely need to do so with words.

When I was working away from home, I would make a point of calling my wife once a day from the office. All I was doing was calling to tell my wife that I loved her, nothing else. Yet, those few moments when I called her served to brighten her day and make her feel loved.

Technology has actually made it easier for us to tell our wives that we love them. It’s almost as if text messaging was created with that in mind. Okay, I know it’s useful for lots of other things too, but there’s no question that it’s definitely a great way to remind our wives of our love for them. Not only that, but it’s an easy way to do so, which doesn’t take much time and can be done several times a day.

You might ask, “Won’t she get tired of receiving the same message over and over again?” The simple answer is no; you’ll get tired of sending it much faster than she’ll get tired of receiving it. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a little variety. Just because she won’t get tired of it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate some other expressions of love as well. In fact, mixing up your message a bit will help grab her attention and keep your message “fresh.” So, here’s some other things you might want to consider saying:
  • I miss you
  • Can’t wait to see you
  • Let’s find some place to hide from the kids this evening, so we can be alone
  • I need you
  • Can’t wait to put my arms around you
  • You’re so special
  • How did I end up lucky enough to get you for a wife?
  • I’m counting the minutes till I see you again. Only (put in number) more to go.
  • I want you
  • Let’s go for a walk tonight
  • Let’s go out to eat tonight
  • It’s great to have you to come home to
  • I feel a need to connect with you
  • I was just looking at (insert name) and was thinking how glad I am that you’re my wife
  • You’re the best wife in the world
  • You’re everything I ever dreamed of
  • I'm having trouble working, because I'm thinking of you

Hopefully, that’s enough to give you some ideas of your own. Let your imagination go wild; just avoid being crude. Women get turned off when we get crude. If you want to make any sexual references, do it obliquely, not directly; that’ll be much more palatable to her. In fact, the best way to tell her you want to make love is to say “I want to connect with you.” While that may not sound sexual to you, it will sound great to her.
Whatever you do, don’t forget the number one rule, Do it often. That’s what she needs. 


  1. You are so right. I never get tired of hearing my husband tell me that he loves me, and it's great when he thinks of different ways to get the message across. I LOVE getting a text message that lets me know he's thinking of me in the middle of his busy day.