Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bring Her Breakfast

Saturdays are a great day to sleep in, aren’t they? Getting to take your time getting up; not having to rush to get to work; having the chance to have a leisurely cup or two of coffee. All this leisure makes Saturdays a great day to get away from the week’s regular grind.

Is Saturday morning relaxing for your wife as well? Does she get to sleep in, have her coffee and take her time starting the day? Or, does she have to get up, feed the kids and get them off to their activities?

You see, that old saying about a woman’s work never being done is the truth. There’s always something which she’s got to do; generally something that deals with taking care of your family. So, while you’re enjoying a relaxing Saturday morning, she might not be. For her, it might be just another day in which she needs to do all her usual things.

Why not make Saturday different for your wife? Why not give her the chance to sleep in, rest and take it easy? It’s really not all that hard to do. All it takes is a quick trip out to come back with breakfast. Save her the trouble of fixing breakfast, by taking a moment to go out to your favorite place and bring it back.

Here in Texas, we have breakfast tacos available at the local convenience stores. It’s easy to run out to the corner and come back with breakfast. While that may not be the same where you are; I’m sure there’s something similar that you can find. All it takes is knowing where things are in your area. 

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