Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Special Desert

It’s pretty much impossible to be romantic if we’re not willing to take time out of our schedules to do so. Romance requires planning, preparation, and just plain spending time together. It’s not something instant you get out of a can, nor can you make up for not spending time with your wife by doing other romantic acts. No, time is an essential ingredient for making romance work.

Even better than just spending time together is to create some special times together. These can be special times that have some significance, like your anniversary or the anniversary of your first date, or they can be special times that are just because you are spending time together.

It doesn’t really take a lot to make a special time together. Some couples manage to do it over coffee, meeting at their favorite coffee shop for a mid-morning break or stopping there together before going to work. Others go out to ice cream together, just to have some time away from the kids. Still others have their time together by taking a walk, hand in hand. These aren’t expensive times, nor are they long times, but they are special times.

You can have a special time together, without even leaving your home. All it takes is a little preparation and a stop at your favorite bakery (hopefully, the fanciest one in your town). Stop in there and pick up something that the two of you can share together.

Ideally, you want something that’s a two-person desert, so that you can both eat from the same one. Our local bakery does little cakes, which work out well for a couple, with a bit left over. Some bakeries sell large individual slices of some special cake. Whatever you can find, which will work for the two of you.

When you get home, hide the desert somewhere, so that your wife doesn’t find it before time. Just remember, some pastries can be sensitive to temperature, so you don’t want it in either a freezing cold or blistering hot garage.

Once the kids are in bed and your wife isn’t looking, prepare a pot of coffee, or any other favorite drink, get the desert on a plate with a couple of forks and put on some soft music. Set everything up and invite your wife into the living room for a moment. You can sit there together on the sofa, enjoying your cake and coffee, along with the peace and quiet of just some time for the two of you.


  1. Don't you mean "dessert"? :)

  2. Oh my gosh, yes I do. I can't believe I wrote the whole thing with the wrong word. Oh well, a good opportunity to laugh at myself. HAHAAH