Tuesday, April 17, 2012

They’re Playing Your Song

Did you and your wife ever have “your song?” You know, a song that was special to you, which portrayed your love for one another; even one that reminded you of one another. When we’re dating, it seems like those things just happen naturally. It could be because you heard it on your first date; or that it was the first song you danced together to. Regardless of where it came from, things like having “your song” are an important part of keeping your love for one another alive.

When was the last time you heard “your song?” Has it been a while? I guess for most of us, it has. While that song was probably popular when you were dating, it’s long since fallen off the charts. You can’t just click on the radio and expect to find it playing any more. But, you can still find it; just by searching online.

Actually, there’s something deeper at play here than just having a song which the two of you identify as yours. It’s the idea of having reminders of your dating years, how you fell in love and the love you have for one another. That’s what having “your song” does for you.

You see, life has a way of trying to steal your love for your wife. There are enough things going on all around us to make us feel as if we are unwanted and unloved. There are also more than enough things going on to try and keep us negatively focused towards our spouses. The combination of daily problems, stress, disagreements, changes that we all go through and the bombardment of sexuality that the media shows us all work together to try and destroy our love.

We need things to help bring up our love level. A song, a place, a particular type of food, are all things which can be associated with positive memories, renewing both the memories and the feelings that go with them. Those types of things can actually serve to help restore the feelings of love which the world is trying to rob from us.

So, have you played “your song” lately? Maybe it’s time to do a little searching online and download it to your computer. Surprise your wife by playing it sometime when the two of you are alone, and see what effect it can have on both of you.

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