Friday, October 22, 2010

Finish What You Started

Hey guys, sometimes when we get working on a project around the house, we hit a bump in the road, and leave the rest of the project for later. It could be that we needed something at the hardware store, had to borrow a tool, ran out of time, or just plain got tired in mid-stream. Whatever the reason, that project can end up sitting there as an eyesore for months, or even years, before we get back to it.

I call it an eyesore; but really, for us, it isn’t so much of one. The person it’s an eyesore for is our wife. You see, a woman identifies a lot with her home. When it is dirty, she feels dirty; when something is broken, she feels broken; when everything is in disorder, she feels like she is. I know, don’t try and understand it, just accept it for the way she is.

Day 7 – You started a project earlier this week. Actually, it wasn’t so much a project, as a romantic act. On Tuesday, I recommended that you buy your wife an article of clothing, and wrap it up with a note to not open it up until today. Yep, today’s the day she’s going to open it. There was something else inside that package, along with the article of clothing. That was a note for her to meet you someplace tonight.

Don’t forget, you’ve got a date with your wife tonight! The worst thing you could do is not show up, or even to show up late. Be sure to get their before she does. Take the time to spiff yourself up for the date. Women like it when we look good; especially when we look like somebody important. 

One final thing, have another gift for her; something small will do. It might be a pair of earrings, a CD from her favorite group, or just a flower. Whatever it is, just leave it sitting on the table, at the place where she’s supposed to sit. She’ll figure out who it’s for. Enjoy your date night!

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