Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Share the Load

Life is full of inequities, but marriage shouldn’t be; at least, it shouldn’t be if there is something we can do about it. Yet, quite often, we find that it is so, even though we really could do something about it, if we wanted to.

Fifty years ago, most women were stay at home homemakers. While their husbands went off to the office, store, or whatever work they did; they stayed at home, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. Amongst the changes in our modern society is the almost total disappearance of this “traditional” family model. Today, most women are in the workplace, but still having to do all the same work at home.

Yeah, I know guys, there are things that you do at home as well. But let’s be honest, our “working wives” typically do more at home than we do. While we’re watching the ball game, they’re often up to their eyeballs in dirty laundry.

Day 12 – Today’s romantic act may not seem very romantic at all. But, I have it on good authority, from many women, that it’s not only romantic, but very sexy. How’s that for a motivator? Okay, ready? Here it is… help her out.

Tonight, after you eat dinner, allow her to sit at the table, while you clear the table and wash the dishes. Don’t make a big production out of it, just do it. Don’t even tell her you are going to do it, just be matter-of-fact about it, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Anything you do to call attention to your actions will totally destroy what you are trying to do.

Okay, so what do you do if she asks you about it? Good question. That’s where you respond with something like, “I know you work hard, so I just wanted to help out.” If you don’t get an immediate hug and kiss, I’d be very surprised.

Oh, and now that you found out it doesn’t destroy your masculinity to was dishes, maybe you could do it a little more often. 

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