Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who Doesn't Like a Back Rub?

Touch is an important part of conveying and maintaining love in a relationship. Through touch we show we care, alleviate stress, convey our love, and yes, even increase the feeling of love. However, many women feel threatened by anything that can be construed as a sexual touch, even within the marriage relationship. That's because most women in our society (over 85%) have been sexually abused at some time.

Touch releases the hormone Oxytoxin in our systems. This hormone, like all hormones is essential for the body's health, especially in women. However, Oxytoxin has another affect, that is of causing the feeling of being in love with another person. So, any physical contact (obviously not hitting) is useful for a relationship in increasing the feeling of love that both feel for each other.

Day 5 - One of the best, and most appreciated forms of non-sexual physical contact is the back rub. So, when you both get home from work today, or maybe after dinner, give your wife a back rub. For best results, have her lay down on her stomach and straddle her legs. This will give you good leverage, and allow you to reach her entire back without straining (thereby allowing you to give her a longer back rub). If you have a massager, go ahead and use it; if not just use your hands. Rub her whole back, but pay special attention to the neck and shoulders, as they are most affected by stress. One precaution - don't rub too hard, hard enough to knead the muscles, but not hard enough to hurt her. If she says it's too hard, back off a notch.

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