Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seems Like There’s Never Enough Time

Get up early in the morning; get the kids ready for school; find the homework assignment they lost; off to work; drop the kids at school; work like a maniac, skipping lunch, so you can get out on time; take the kids to football practice, ballet, and their karate lessons; grab a bite to eat on the way to the PTA meeting; rush home to catch the news, and fall into bed. With a day like that, no wonder most of us feel like we hardly know our spouses.

In today’s hustle-bustle society, it seems like we’ve lost the simple things of yesteryear. Sitting down with a friend for a cup of tea, rocking in a porch swing of an evening, talking a walk down a tree-shaded lane. What has happened to these wonderful, simple ways of spending time together?

Day 13 – Let’s take a moment to return to yesteryear; slow the pace down, and go for a walk with your wife. That’s right, you remember how to do it; one foot in front of the other. Just make sure you slow down and take your time; it isn’t a race. Spend a half hour, or even longer, just walking down that tree-covered lane, hand in hand.

If you want to make this especially fun for her, take a moment to do a little prep work for your walk. Find a few rocks about the size of your fist. Write her name on one side (the top side) with an indelible marker, or even better, with a paint marker. On the bottom side, write a love note, favorite Bible verse, or just “I love you.”

Scout out the route for your walk, and place your love note rocks in strategic places, where she can find them as you walk. Don’t forget where those places are, because at first she won’t be looking for them. You may need to point the first one out to her.

Don’t forget to bring something along to carry the rocks back home (preferably something that isn’t too obvious). You know she’s going to want to keep them, and you know who’s going to have to carry them home. 

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