Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where was that Cute Little Shop?

As I’ve already mentioned in a previous post, women love to shop. Yeah, I know, you already knew that; and I also realize that you don’t like it. However, we’re talking about romancing your wife in this blog, and sometimes that means we do something we don’t like, just because she does.

Remember though, doing something with a bad attitude is worse than not doing it at all. So, get your emotions and your attitudes under control. Just the fact that you are doing it for your wife aught to give you reason to be content, if not joyful. Remember, you love her; and true love is true long only when it overcomes other things. In other words, it’s easy to love someone when everything is peachy, but true love shows itself in that it stays strong in the midst of adversity.

Day 15 – So, let’s take out wives shopping today. Stop; take a deep breath; let it out, and keep on reading. I’m not talking about going to the mall and shop for clothes; I’m talking about finding someplace fun to shop (I know that idea may seem a little strange to you).

Almost anyplace you can think of has some sort of little shop, or area of shops that have cute little crafty decorative things. Or, maybe your town has a couple of antique shops. It could even be a store that makes hand-made chocolates or even a curio shop for tourists. There’s got to be something that’s within driving distance of your home.

It might take a little research in the phone book, or asking around to find these places; but that’s okay, preparation for romantic acts is part of the fun. Take your wife out and have fun looking over all the little trinkets and bobbles and junk. Let your imagination run free, and act on it too. If you see something that gives you a funny idea, share it with her; remember, the idea is to have a good time together.

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything in order to have fun on this type of shopping expedition; the fun is in the discovery. If you see something you want; or better yet, something she wants, it’s okay to buy it; but don’t feel pressured to do so. Oh, one thing I recommend buying. Stop somewhere on the way back for an ice cream cone.

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