Saturday, October 16, 2010

Give Her Some Shopping Time

Day 2 - It's Saturday, and what do all women want to do on Saturday? They want to go shopping! Yes, I know, that dreaded word, which causes men to tremble in their boots (or shoes, or sandals). But, hey guys, it's their thing, not ours. So, give your wife a break. Tell her to grab her best friend and go hang out at the mall for a while. Even, do I dare say it? Watch the kids for her, so that she can really enjoy shopping.

Okay, okay, I know, your budget can't handle it; right? Okay, so make a deal with her. Still let her go shopping, but agree on a limit that she'll spend. Whatever limit you set, I'll bet you she won't spend it all. You see, it's not about spending, it's about the experience of shopping. Don't try and understand it, because you can't. Just let her enjoy.

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