Saturday, February 4, 2012

Check Out Her Car

I’m sure you’ve noticed how non-mechanical your wife is. I mean, unless she’s one in about 10,000,000, she doesn’t know more about the car than where to put the gas in and where the ignition key goes. It’s like the joke about the woman who walked into the auto parts store to ask for “the 710 part.” The clerk was of course baffled and asked her to explain. Exasperated with his density, she said, “It’s a round thing on the top of the engine that has the number “710” on it.” Well, of course, she was talking about the oil cap and didn’t even know it.

If we expect our wives to do things like check the tires and oil on their car, we’re heading for a major repair bill. My wife tells me that she thinks the tires are low all the time, just because they’re radials. Checking air, oil and water isn’t within a woman’s makeup and there’s really no way that they’re going to do it.

However, we both know that she needs her car, and probably needs it every day. So, somebody has got to make sure that it’s running good and that somebody is you. When you check her car, it’s a way to make sure that she is safe. She needs that from you; she needs to know that you are her protector. While that no longer means carrying a sword around to dual anyone who dares come close to her, there are still many ways of protecting her. This is just one of them.

I make a point of driving my wife’s car when we go to church. That way, I’m able to listen to the motor and make sure that everything is working fine. If I don’t do that, there could be a steadily worsening problem that neither of us is aware of. It’s not fair of me to expect her to recognize those problems.

While you’re at it, why not give her car a quick bath and vacuum it out? While it may not make much difference to you, she’d rather drive around in a nice clean car. Don’t stop there though; put one of those air fresheners in it for her; something with a nice floral scent. Women’s noses are more sensitive, so that’s an important little detail.

Don’t forget about other things that could make her car more comfortable for her to drive. I’ve installed pads on the shoulder straps, because those can be rather uncomfortable for a woman. Where I live, there’s a shop that has a sign up, which says, “Your Wife is Hot!” Then in small letters, it adds, “Tint her windows.” If you live in a hot climate like I do, that’s good advice. Remember, romance is about the little things that you do to make her feel like she’s important to you. Taking care of her is part of that.

One final step, when you go back in the house, make sure that you tell her that her car is okay. You want her to know that you’re doing this to protect her; not just the car. By telling her that, it isn’t that you’re avoiding spending time with her, it’s that you’re taking care of her; a huge difference. 

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  1. You will have to visit us in Eastern Washington - where women know more about cars, and guns, and chainsaws, that most men east of the Mississippi!