Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Treat Her Like a Star

Yesterday, I suggested doing something that was related to your wife’s workplace. Well, today I’m still on that same vein, suggesting more to make her feel special at work. Only, where the other was to brighten the beginning of her day, this one is to brighten the end of it.

Everyone likes to feel special, important and like they’re someone the rest of the world can be jealous of. We all tend to imagine things like that from time to time; whether it is about the great promotion, or being a sports star or having the big house or even driving a car that turns everyone’s head (but not to laugh at it). Well, how about doing something to make people’s heads turn when they see your wife.

Here’s the plan in a nutshell; hire a limo to pick your wife up at work. Yep, that’ll get some heads turning all right. Everyone will be wondering why she’s getting that special treatment. The gals she works with will be burning up the phone lines, uh, cellular towers, wondering about it.

Let’s add a few other details to this, just to make it work. First of all, you want a liveried chauffeur. That means he’s dressed in a uniform to look like a chauffeur. It wouldn’t hurt if he can talk with a credible British accent, either. Timing is important here. You want to have him arrive at your wife’s work exactly five minutes before she’s scheduled to get out. Tell him to park the limo right where everyone can see it, even if it’s a no parking zone. Then he goes in to the receptionist or whoever would be appropriate and asks for your wife by name.

Give him a nice “I love you” card from Hallmark or American Greetings, made out to your wife, with her name on the envelope. Instruct her in the card to go with the chauffeur and not to worry about her car. She’ll probably have to go back to her office or locker to grab her purse, which is part of why you want him to arrive at that particular time; that way, she can tell her co-workers.

One other detail the chauffer needs is a single rose, to be left on the seat of the car for her. That way, when she get in, it will be waiting for her.

You need to plan out somewhere for her to meet you, either a restaurant, or coffee shop, or even your favorite ice cream parlor. The place isn’t the highlight; it’s having her picked up like that which is. Instruct the chauffeur to take her there, and be waiting for her.

She should arrive feeling pretty special. But, it won’t end there, because the next day, all her co-workers are going to be asking her about it. That will give her a chance to tell them what you did, making her feel special all over again. You’re getting two for one on this deal.

Oh, don’t forget to pick up her car later, or you could  take her to work the next morning instead.

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