Monday, February 20, 2012

An Office Surprise

You know, being romantic is more about using your imagination to come up with different ways of surprising your wife with demonstrations of your love, than it is anything else. If you wake up every morning and say “I love you” you are expressing your love to your wife. But, after a while, it becomes routine, she might wonder if you really mean it or are just saying so out of habit. You might even start to say it, without thinking about it.

On the other hand, when you make your expressions of love at random times, she isn’t expecting it and it makes a bigger impact. Not only that, but there’s none of the rote routine that might cause her to think you’re just doing it out of habit. So, while you can at times do things that you’ve done before, there needs to be enough time in between the repetition so that it doesn’t look repetitive.

So, here we are at Monday once again; talk about repetition, get up, get dressed, go to the office; now that’s repetitive. Well, why not make her arrival at the office a little special, even if you can’t make the office special.

How can you make it special? Simple, arrange for her office to look a little different when she gets there. Depending upon the time you have available, and the access you can get to her office. To do this, you’ll need to be able to get there early in the morning, before she does, or over the weekend. It might help to have a co-conspirator to help; one of her workmates. They can probably help you get in.

Take her some flowers in a vase, a card and make a nice big sign that says “I love you” or “You light up my life” or some sort of similar romantic phrase. Set the flowers and card right in the middle of her desk and put the sign on the wall, where she’s sure to see it.

Then, when she gets to the office, she’ll have something to brighten up her Monday. That should change her Monday blahs into something much more special.

By the way, this is sure to make all the other women in the office jealous of your wife. That should gain you a few extra points.  

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