Friday, February 3, 2012

Hidden Love Notes

Yesterday, I talked about passing her love notes in a concert or play. It’s fun and easy, and she’ll get a charge out of it. A friend (female) commented on it and reminded me of something I’d posted on here about a year or so ago; so, I thought it deserved repetition.

As we all know, you can never tell your wife that you love her too many times. It doesn’t matter if you tell her by speaking, by writing or by giving her a gift, your wife never gets tired of hearing you tell her that you love her.

One great way to declare your love to your wife is by leaving her love notes all around, where she can find them. Some can be obvious, while others aren’t so much so. That way, she won’t find them all at once. Each time she finds one, it’s as if you did another romantic act. That way, you can get lots of points from one simple act of romance.

Many men struggle with this, thinking they have to write a whole love letter to their wife, instead of something short. It really doesn’t have to be long; in fact, if all you put is “I love you” that’s enough. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t say more, just that you don’t have to. Maybe instead of saying “I love you” you can come up with variations on that theme, saying things like:
  • You’re special to me
  • I adore you
  • I thank God that you’re my wife
  • I want you
  • One lifetime isn’t long enough to be married to you
  • You are wonderful
Like I said, these don’t have to be long to be effective. The idea is that you are expressing your love to your wife in some way or another; that’s what counts.

Find a variety of hiding places for these little notes: inside baking dishes in the kitchen, in her panties and bras in the dresser, in a coat pocket, under some papers on her desk (assuming she has a desk in the house), in the car that she drives, in her wallet and with her makeup. Let the joy of finding them be something that happens spontaneously, when she’s least going to expect it.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to continue being romantic while she’s finding those notes. You can just look at them as an extra bonus for her to receive. 

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