Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Buyer’s Guide

With Valentine’s Day just a short five days away, it’s time to plan your big romantic night with your wife. If you don’t already have a reservation to take her somewhere, you’re probably in trouble, because everyplace is going to be full. I think the only night where more people go out than Valentine’s Day is New Year’s Eve.

The other thing you want to get going on is picking up a present for your wife. Now, I know that if you’re like most guys, you’re probably thinking you can wait until at least Monday for that; but, trust me; you don’t want to do that. By Monday the selection will be really picked over and you may have trouble finding a descent gift for your wife.

While I’m sure that your wife would appreciate the classic Valentine’s gift of flowers and chocolates; I’m also sure she’d appreciate it more if you could be a little more imaginative in your gift giving. So, to help you out of the quagmire of the stores, here are a few thoughts for you:

Jewelry – This is one of the classic romantic gifts. It’s also one of the classier ones you can give your wife. Now, I know that jewelry can get pretty expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank to buy your wife a present, keep it within your budget, she’ll still appreciate it.

Perfume – Women like nice perfume. Their noses are more sensitive than ours are, so “negative” odors (such as sweat) bother them more. That probably has a lot to do with their liking perfume. A good quality perfume will actually last longer than the cheap ones do, and it keeps you from looking like a cheapskate. A small bottle of a quality perfume is much better than a large bottle of a cheap one.

Lingerie – Yeah, I know, you were probably waiting for this one. Sexy lingerie is always a romantic gift. But, this one comes with a warning. Don’t go overboard. If your wife isn’t comfortable with a see through baby doll, she’s not going to wear it, no matter how much you want her to. If you want to go racier than what she already wears, then go just a baby step more, not a giant step. If you buy it with just your likes in mind, it’ll seem like you’re buying yourself a gift.

Books About Marriage – There are a lot of good books out there about marriage. If you’re not sure what to get, check out Paul & Lori’s bookstore on The Marriage Bed: Just one warning; if you’re going to buy her a marriage book, better plan on reading it too. BTW, if you’re going to buy her a book, get something else too.

Something Decorative for the Bedroom – Women identify with their homes. If the home is beautiful, she feels beautiful. If the home is falling apart, she feels that way too. If you want to have a healthy relationship in the bedroom, it needs to look like something from a movie set (not Rambo). We have quite a few decorative pieces that speak of love in our bedroom. One of my favorites is a little statue of a couple hugging that my wife bought for me.

Clothes – Now, don’t panic. Buying clothes for your wife really isn’t as hard as you think it is. First of all, you need to know three things:
  • What size is she?
  • What colors does she like?
  • What’s her style?

You can find the answer to all three of those questions by looking in her closet. Then, go find something that you think she’d look good in, that meets all three of those requirements. It’s really not all that hard. If you try and meet those three points, she’ll probably love it; especially since you bought it for her. Just be sure to keep the receipt, just in case it doesn’t fit.

Collectible Figurines – This is one of those great secrets that wise men do to ensure that they can always find a gift for their wives. Start her a collection of some sort of figurines, such as Precious Moments or Hummels. Then, every time you’re stuck without a gift idea, you can add to her collection.

Okay, now you’re armed with some ideas. Get out there before the mob and grab a nice gift for your wife, before everyone else beats you to it. 

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