Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little “I Love You” Gift

All too often we don’t do something romantic for our wives, simply because we think it will be expensive. Or, we take what should be something simple and romantic and turn it into a big, expensive project. Romance isn’t about spending a lot of money, it’s about thinking about letting your wife know that you’re thinking about her.

I know it’s fun to do the big things, but let’s be real, not only can’t we afford them all the time, but we usually don’t have the time to do them. So, instead of doing something, we don’t do anything. Not a good plan.

Day 100 – When was the last time you bought your wife a gift, just because it’s Thursday? If you’re like most of us, it’s been a long while. In fact, it might have been such a long while that we could call it never. Even those of us who get our shopping done early can fall into this category. Buy her a Valentine’s Day gift two weeks early, but forget about buying her a little gift to show her your love any other time.

It’s great to buy her a valentine’s gift, same for a birthday or anniversary gift. But, it’s extra special to buy her a Thursday gift, or for that matter a Friday gift. Why? Because those gifts are unexpected expressions of love.

Remember, a Thursday gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be. I remember a Mexican pastor who I was talking to several years ago. He bought a one peso gift for his wife in the market; that’s it, just one peso (about a dime). It was a little blue, decorative glass bottle. His wife was absolutely thrilled. Why? Once again, because it was that unexpected expression of love.

If you don’t know what inexpensive gift you can buy for your wife, may I recommend going to the mall and finding a Hallmark store. They typically have a pretty good selection of cute little knick-knack type stuff. While some of it can get pretty pricey, there’s always plenty available for just a few bucks.
So, don’t forget, it’s Thursday, a great day to buy your wife a “just because I love you” gift.

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