Monday, February 28, 2011

Facebook Your Love for Her

One of the great things about technology is that it gives us just that many more ways of expressing our love to our wives. Now, I realize that most men don’t use it that way, but that doesn’t mean that the wise amongst us (in other words those who want to be romantic) can’t use it that way. Unfortunately, many women see their husband’s interest in the computer and the Internet as competition; almost as if it were a mistress. Well, we’re just ahead of the rest of them.

We’ve already sent e-cards to our wives through the web, we’ve bought gifts for them on the web, and we’ve e-mailed them our love. So, what’s left? How about announcing our love of our wives to the whole world? Or, at least let’s announce it to as much of the world as we can reach.

Do you facebook? Recently, I heard that the “population” of facebook had hit 500,000,000 people. That’s more people than the United States, Canada and Mexico put together, with a little room left over for several Central American countries.

You know, I’ve seen all kinds of things posted on facebook; much of it has been funny, some has been disgusting, a few things have been really interesting, and then there are the things that have just been weird. But, you know, I’ve never seen anyone post a “status” saying that they loved their wife. I wonder why. Are we embarrassed to tell our friends that we love our wives, or are we just not thinking about it?

Your mission today is to cause an earthquake on facebook. How are you going to do it? Simple, by posting your love for your wife on your wall. Let everyone know that you love your wife, and then challenge them to do the same. Let’s see how many people we can get to post their love; who knows, maybe we can start a new facebook fad.

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