Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where are Your Priorities?

Hey there, I heard a rumor that it’s that famous all-male holiday, Super Ball, once again. Bet you’ve got some plans to get together with the guys, watch the game on someone’s giant TV screen, and pig out on all the munchies you can cram in your mouth, right?

Wait a minute! I’ve got a question. What’s your wife going to be doing while you and the guys are cheering for your favorite team? Is she going to be there with you? Is she even a football fan? Or, are you abandoning the opportunity to spend some time with your wife, in order to spend it with the guys?

I’ve got to ask you, where are your priorities? If you’re abandoning time with your wife, in order to watch the game, then it’s clear that your wife isn’t as high a priority as the game is. This problem would be magnified if your schedule is such that Sunday is one of the few times you can actually spend together.

Anyone who wants to see what their priorities are can easily do so by seeing where they spend their time. Granted, there are certain activities which require a large chunk of our time, such as sleeping and working, I’m not talking about those. What I’m talking about are the other eight hours a day. How do you spend those? What percentage of that available time is spent with work related things? How much of it do you spend on yourself? What portion goes to your relationship with your wife? That will tell you how important she really is to you.

So, maybe watching the game isn’t the best thing you can do today. Maybe, just maybe you could spend that time with your wife instead.

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