Friday, February 11, 2011

Love in a Bottle

A little bit of fantasy can add fun to your romance. Pretending you are someone else, sending flowers from a secret admirer, play acting your own version of Romeo and Juliet with your wife (except the death scenes). Some people find it easier to express their love, when they get out of themselves and pretend to be somebody eles.

How many stories have you ever heard of where somebody’s stranded on a deserted island and sends a rescue note off in a bottle? Well, even if you don’t live on the beach you can still send a note in a bottle.

Here’s the scenario: you’re stranded on that island and in desperate need of your wife’s love. Write her a note telling her how you’re pining away for not having her there with you. Don’t worry about sounding corny, you probably will, but it won’t seem corny to her. Your note doesn’t need to be long, but be sure to tell her how much you love her and how much you need her love.

Roll your note up, writing side in, and write “HELP” on the outside of the roll. Stuff it in a bottle; if you have a cork to stick in the end, so much the better. If there’s a label on the bottle, be sure to take it off.

Okay, now you need to find a place to leave your bottle. The possibilities are literally endless for this. You want it in a place where she’s the only one who can find it, but you want to be sure she finds it too. If she’s the one who checks the mailbox, you can put it there (but only after the mail has been delivered). Or, you might put it outside, where she’ll pass it on the way to her car. Another possibility is to leave it floating in the bathtub. Use your imagination, but be sure she’ll find it.

You might want to keep a hammer handy, in case she has trouble opening it. If you have to break the bottle, be sure to do it in the trash can, so you don’t have to clean up the glass. Hand her the note, and walk off to put your hammer away while she’s reading it.

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