Thursday, February 24, 2011

Say “I Love You” in a Different Way

Laughter can be a great part of romance. Not laughter from some stupid joke, although there’s nothing wrong with a joke, it’s just not romantic. No, the type of laughter I’m talking about is the laughter that comes from spontaneous acts, or being silly, or something funny happening in your life. The point is that it has to be something you’ve shared together.

Let’s put a little silliness into our daily act of saying those three important words, “I love you.” “How’s that?” you might ask. Simple, we’ll just do it in a way that makes her question what we’re saying, by saying it in another language.

Now, this is going to take a little rehearsing to get right. Here’s a list of how to say “I love you” in several different languages. Print it out and take a little time practicing how to say it. Now, I realize you’re not a linguist, and probably have no idea how to pronounce those languages, and I really don’t have a way of helping you with that. On the other hand, your wife probably doesn’t have any idea how to pronounce those languages either, so she shouldn’t pick up on your errors. Then again, if she does realize you’re butchering the language, that’ll add to the silliness.

Here’s the list:
·         Je t'aime (French)
·         Te amo (Spanish)
·         Σ 'αγαπώ (it’s Greek to me… oh, forget that one, I can’t read Greek)
·         Ma armastan sind (Estonian)
·         Szeretlek (Hungarian)
·         Es tevi mīlu (Latvian)
·         Jeg elsker deg (Norwegian)
·         Mahal kita (Tagalog)

Okay, that should be enough. Although it would be more effective if you memorized the list, it might be a little rough. So, to make things a little bit easier, just print the list out and take it with you.

Here’s what you do. Walk up to your wife, and tell her you love her in one of those languages. When she responds with something really brilliant, like “huh?” tell her the same thing in another language. Keep going like this until you run out of languages, or break down laughing, whichever comes first.

Hey, maybe you can pick one of those to be your secret code phrase to be able to say “I love you” in public, without anyone knowing what you’re talking about. That’ll make it a special way to say “I love you.”

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