Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whatever Happened to Holding Hands?

Have you ever been walking through the mall or on vacation somewhere or maybe even just walking through town and seen an elderly couple walking down the way, holding hands? We all look at that, think to ourselves, “Isn’t that precious?” and go on our way. You know, it’s really not all that common a thing to see, which is probably why we all notice it.

How is it that these couples are still holding hands after 30, 40 or even 50 years of marriage? More importantly, why aren’t the rest of us doing it too? What have they got going for them that the rest of us don’t?

Really, more than anything, holding hands while you are walking is just forming the habit of doing it. Like so many other expressions of love and tenderness, we gradually take them for granted. Maybe it was the necessity of keeping track of the kids, or pushing the stroller, or just plain the business of life that started us downhill; but somewhere along the line, holding hands just became too difficult.

Too difficult? Now c’mon, holding hands isn’t all that difficult. What is difficult is making the effort to do so, while everything else is trying to keep us apart. You see, holding hands, like many other things in life, is just a habit that we need to form.

Learn to walk hand in hand again; if nothing else, it will help you feel closer together; and isn’t that what we’re trying to do?

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