Friday, April 22, 2011

Be Her Protector

I’m sure you’ve noticed that men and woman are wired differently. Things that seem like no big deal to us can be a really big deal to our wives. At the same time, things that we think are important don’t mean a thing to them.

One of the reasons for the differences in characteristics we see between men and women is so that men can be the protector of their home. Physical strength, aggressiveness and the tendency to respond to danger with violence are all wonderful character traits, when they are focused on protecting family.

Granted, we don’t have too many dragons and saber tooth tigers prowling our backyards today, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing around to protect your wife from. You can still be her hero, battling against the wild creatures that invade your home.

Wild creatures? Yep, I’m sure you’ve confronted them before; all those spiders and mosquitoes and even the occasional cockroach that invade your home. Last I checked most women freak out just about as much from them as they do from dragons and saber tooth tigers. It’s enough to make you wonder if those horrendous beasts are really as dangerous as the ones the cave men battled.

No matter, those dangers are real in your wife’s mind. So, when you take care of those things for your wife, it’s almost the same to her as if you’d just slain a dragon. She can relax, knowing her protector is there, watching over her and the children. Maybe it’s not much to you, but it is to her.

So, slain any dragons lately?

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