Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Diet With Her

I think for most of us guys, dieting is about as popular as visiting the dentist for a root canal without novocain. We listen to our wife talk about her latest diet with half an ear, while thinking about the ball game. And the idea of us actually going on a diet (even though most of us who are over 40 probably need it); well, that’s just ridiculous.

Okay, hold on, I realize I’ll probably be laughed right off my own blog for suggesting this, but the next time she goes on a diet, you go on the diet with her; not necessarily to lose weight, but to give her moral support. Granted, losing a few pounds probably won’t do you any herm either, but that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to make things easier for her. If dieting is so important to her, then shouldn’t you be taking an interest in it too? Isn’t that part of what romance is all about, taking an interest in what interests your wife?

It’s hard to diet when you’re cooking for everyone else in the family. You see and prepare all these tasty things that you’d really like to eat, only to miss out on them, while you munch on a salad. Oh, most women act like it’s no big deal, but you try it sometime, it’s not easy.

Now, I realize that going on a diet with your wife won’t be easy; in fact it may seem like it’s nearly impossible. Your belly is probably going to think that your throat has been cut, and like most bellies, it’s going to complain long and loud about how you’re mistreating it. Suck it up, you can handle it. Your belly shouldn’t be your boss.

I suppose you could cheat on the diet if your belly complains too much; that’s up to you. There are probably ample opportunities for you to eat stuff that’s not part of your official diet, like when you are at work, or on the way home. Just make sure that if you have to cheat on your diet, at least don’t do it in front of your wife. Remember, you’re trying to help her; cheating, when she knows you’re doing it, is counterproductive.

Now, I am normally not an advocate for lying to your wife. In fact, I’m the exact opposite; I think men can only expect their wives to trust them, when they are honest in all things. So, we seem to have a dilemma here. Lie to her about cheating, or tell her the truth?

How about going for a compromise? If you are dieting with your wife, in order to help her, why not tell her you will diet with her at home. That gives you the liberty to eat all the junk your belly is telling you that you have to eat, without having to lie to your wife. You can still be the moral support she needs, but you won’t have to suffer all that much; poor baby.

Actually, I’d rather advocate for going all the way and sticking to the diet. Like I said, most of us need it at least as badly as our wives do. That makes the support all that much stronger too. So, suck it up; be a man; eat that salad with a smile and give your wife a kiss afterwards.

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