Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take Care of Her

It seems there’s something that happens to women when they have a baby. All of a sudden, they stop worrying about themselves, and concentrate on the baby’s needs. Money they would have spent on themselves before isn’t spent, or at least isn’t spent for the same things. No, instead of spending that money on themselves, they spend it on things for the baby.

While there can definitely be an upside to this, especially with women who think that the mall is their natural habitat, some women take it to extremes. While most of us guys would agree that women spend too much money on clothing, they do need to spend something. If she’s still wearing the same granny panties that are falling apart, just because she’s trying to spend the money on the baby, that’s going too far.

It can be even worse than that. What if she needs to go to the dentist, but isn’t, because of the baby? While her concern for the needs of the baby is admirable, I’d definitely say that in those cases, she’s going too far.

This phenomenon doesn’t just last a year to two either; it can last until the baby is out of college and married. Granted, not all women go through this, or go through it to such severity. Women who have plenty of money are much less likely to do this than women who barely have enough.

Okay, so what’s the point of all this? Good question. This is where we need to come into the picture. We need to keep an eye on our wives; specifically how well they are taking care of themselves. If we see that they aren’t, we need to start probing for the reason why they are acting the way that they are. There’s a good chance that they’re concerned about money, and are trying to avoid spending money on themselves.

Don’t think that just because your wife still buys clothes or shoes that she’s immune to this condition. Women see things differently than we do. She may be seeing that new pair of shoes as a high priority, because she doesn’t have anything to go with her new dress. At the same time, she may not spend the money on getting a cavity filled.

Don’t try and understand it, just realize that women are wired a little bit differently. If she’s not putting the priority she should on taking care of herself, you need to step in and take care of her. If that means going out and buying her some new panties, do it. If it means buying her medications, because she isn’t, do it. If it means dragging her to the dentist for that tooth that’s been bothering her for the last six months, do it.

Remember, romance is about showing her that she’s important to you. What better way to show her that, than by taking care of her when she won’t take care of herself?

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