Monday, April 18, 2011

A Surprise Date Night

As I’ve said before, sometimes finding time to be together can get pretty tricky. All the regular hustle and bustle of life seems to soak up time like there’s no tomorrow. It’s almost as if there was a conspiracy to keep couples from having time to be alone.

Then there’s the times when you’ve just got to bite the bullet and decide to grab the bull by the horns. While most of us guys are pretty good at doing that for a lot of things, somehow we tend to skip over it, when it comes to making positive change in our marriages. Instead of providing the bold leadership that is so needed, we pussyfoot around, as if we’re afraid of breaking something.

Well, I’ve got to tell you; it’s time to quit pussyfooting around. If you want a great marriage, you need to take positive action. Don’t expect your wife to do it; don’t expect God to do it; you do it.

I’ve said before that surprise is an important element in romance. Having said that, the trick to a successful surprise is to anticipate anything that can go wrong, and plan for it in advance. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Your mission is to take your wife out on a date. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking her out on a date that she knows about, but this time, we’re going to do it, without telling her ahead of time. Since some of you have wives who work outside the home, while others have wives who work at home (a stay-at-home mom still works), I’ll have to give two slightly different versions of this date.

Okay, first step is to figure out when and where. What night would be a good time to take your wife out? Pick a night, then check to make sure there’s nothing that would prevent that night from working. Has she got anything planned? Do the kids need to be taken someplace? Is the cat going to have babies that night? Ask yourself those questions and then move to the second step; come up with the answers to them. You might need to make some special arrangements to make your date night work out. Who’s going to watch the kids? Who’s going to take them to their activities? What are they going to eat? Who’s going to take care of the cat?

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, it’s time to go out. Now, women don’t like to go out if they’re not dressed and made up. So, you need to make sure your wife is ready, without knowing why. If your wife works in an office, this is easy, just stop by and pick her up from work. She’ll already be dressed nice and ready to go.

If your wife doesn’t work in an office, this one might be a little bit trickier. You’ll need to come up with some reason for her to be dressed and ready, without telling her why. Here’s an idea. Tell her you’ve got a dinner meeting and wives are invited. Stress that this is important, without telling her why it’s important. Give her a time that you need her to be ready, and that you’ll be there to pick her up. If that’s later than you normally get home, come up with a good excuse to be late.

Okay, now your wife is ready, you’ve picked her up and it’s time to go to your important meeting. What’s the important meeting? Simple, it’s the most important meeting you can go to; one with just the two of you. Bon appétit! 

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