Sunday, May 15, 2011

Be There for Her

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s all too easy to forget about something that’s important to your wife. I’m not even talking about the biggies here; your anniversary and her birthday, forgetting those earns you a one way trip to the dog house for the next year. No, I’m talking about the day-to-day times when she needs you there for her. Things like being there for a dinner party she’s planned, or picking her up after work, or even to help her out with something that you promised you’d do for her.

We’ve talked before about how romance is the little things you do to tell your wife that she’s important to you. Well, there are little things we do that tell her that she’s not so important; things that have the opposite effect of being romantic.

When we forget about those things, which are important to her, we’re sending the message, “this other thing is more important to me than you are.” It really doesn’t matter if you’re thinking that way or not, that’s the message you’re sending. I don’t care if it’s the fishing trip you’ve been planning for months, or a crisis at work, it shouldn’t be more important to you than your wife.

When we make commitments at our work, we feel bound to complete those commitments. Well, guess what? If those commitments are important, than the ones to our wives are equally as important. If we can’t treat them as being equally important, maybe we’d better reexamine our commitment to our marriage.

One of your wife’s emotional needs is the confidence that she can trust you to be faithful to her. That doesn’t just mean that you won’t be fooling around on the side, but also that you’ll be there for her when she needs you. She needs to know that she can depend upon you.

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