Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mr. Fix-It

I’m sure you’ve noticed how your wife is slightly less mechanically and technologically oriented than you are, just like there are certain things for which you are more inept than she is. That’s not the point though, at least not right now. Actually, there are some women who are remarkably capable at hanging pictures, changing the air conditioning filter and even changing the oil on the car. But, that’s not the norm.

God has given you certain abilities, and your wife other abilities. He didn’t do this to give you something to fight about, but rather to give you a way of being a blessing to each other. It’s amazing how many people get frustrated, because their spouse isn’t like them, can’t do the things that they do, and doesn’t understand things the same way that they do. Let’s be honest though, life would be pretty boring if your wife was like you; not to mention rather weird as well.

When you have guests over, and your wife fixes a special meal, one of her best, doesn’t that make you feel proud of her? Don’t you feel a little like bragging about her great ability in the kitchen? Well, guess what, when you show off your abilities for her benefit, it makes her feel the same way about you.

One of the ways we “show off” for our wives is by being there to fix things for her. She doesn’t understand all that technical and mechanical stuff; and she really doesn’t want to understand it. That’s not her thing, it’s yours. That’s okay, because when you do it for her; she gains the benefit of your ability; just like you gain the benefit of her ability when you eat that great meal she’s prepared.

It’s actually the differences we have, not the similarities, which give us a reason to get married. When a couple comes together in marriage, they become stronger, they gain ability, they can accomplish more. Why? Because when each of us uses our abilities for the benefit of the marriage, then we are able to multiply our abilities.

So, when she needs something fixed, don’t feel like she’s robbing your free time. She’s not. You may not realize it, but when you said “I do” you were saying “I do fix the plugged up sink” and “I do paint the living room” and even “I do fix her mix-up on the computer.” So, what can I say, just do it.

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