Friday, May 13, 2011

A Fantasy Date

Everyone likes to fantasize a little bit, and just about everybody likes to pretend a little bit. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the cartoon strip “Rose is Rose” but in it, Rose, the mother, has an imaginary alter-ego. While she’s a nice sweet wife and mother, her alter-ego has a mane of wild hair and looks like she belongs on the back of a Harley somewhere. This “bad Rose” crops up from time to time, when the real Rose feels a need to express herself beyond what is normal for her.

So, here’s the idea. Get together with your wife and make up a fantasy scenario for a first date. Maybe you’re a James Bond type of spy, and she’s your French contact. Or maybe you’re a pirate who’s captured a princess and you’re trying to woo her. Speaking of princess’, how about a white knight who’s rescued a princess from the evil Duke’s castle. Whatever. The crazier it sounds, the better it will probably end up being. Just remember, you both have to be someone else.

As part of your plan, figure out where you are going to meet, and under what circumstances. Don’t go overboard on the planning, as you want to have the opportunity to keep everything spontaneous. Dress differently and act the part you’re playing. Don’t worry if you get a few strange looks in the restaurant, those people don’t know you anyway.

Remember, this is your first date, so you don’t know each other. Part of the play acting is learning about each other, or at least learning about the character you’re pretending to be. You might have to think quick when she asks a question, or maybe integrate your own life into the character you’re playing.

Laughter is good for you and for your relationship; well, you’re probably going to end up laughing a lot a you do this, but that’s okay, when the laughing fit is over, go back to playing your part. Make it as outrageous as you want, after all, you’re trying to have a good time together. Finally, don’t let it end until you’re back home in bed together. Enjoy.

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