Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Creative with Photos

Memories can be very romantic at time, especially memories of good times you’ve had together. They help to remind us of the joy we’ve shared, the things that have drawn us close together and the reason we love one another.

Even so, most of us keep most of our photos stashed away somewhere in albums or boxes. We might drag them out from time to time, but unless we’re retired or showing them to the grandkids, most of the time all those photos we’ve taken for memories just stay in their boxes and albums, waiting for someday.
So, let’s do something with some of those photos that will help our marriages. Start by selecting a bunch of photos from your early years; dating, your wedding, your honeymoon, even the first year of marriage. Get at least a dozen good ones; two dozen would be even better.

Now, make a collage out of those photos. If you struggle with creativity, you could get one of those picture frames with a bunch of cutouts, but you’d be better off making the collage. A collage is just a bunch of different items, in this case pictures, put together to form a design or picture. You can make your collage look like whatever you want, but something simple would be the easiest. The idea is to get the pictures together, not to create an image of your wife out of the photos.

You might want to make a nice heart out of red paper and put it in the collage somewhere. Or, maybe put your names and “I Love You” in there somewhere. Something to act as a reminder that the collage is about your love for one another.

You’ll need a pretty good sized picture frame to put your collage in. That way, you can hang it up, where you can both see it. Might I recommend that you hang it in your bedroom? Unless you have a family photo album wall somewhere to hang it. Before you hang it, give it to your wife as a gift. That’s why you made it, for her. 

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