Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oil and Romance

Every once in a while it’s nice to be able to come up with a romantic gift to give your wife. The trick is coming up with something romantic to give her. There are lots of cute, trinket things you can get her, but most of us guys really have trouble getting excited about trinkets. Since we don’t get excited about them, then we have a little bit of trouble picking them out for our wives.

Well, here’s a romantic gift you can get excited about giving to your wife… oil… how’s that? Now, I’m not talking about motor oil, nor am I talking about cooking oil. Neither of those are romantic at all. No, what I’m talking about is massage oil. Now that’s a romantic gift.

Massage oils are used; you guessed it, for giving massages. They’re to help your hands glide smoothly across her skin, as you massage away all the stress of the day. They’re also scented, and women like things that are scented; that’s why they like perfume so much.

Obviously, there’s a second part to this gift, that of using the massage oil. Giving it to her, and not giving her the massage (actually several massages) to go with it, is somewhat of a slap in the face. Instead of showing her that you love her, you’ll send the message that she isn’t important enough for you to take the time and effort to give her a massage.

You know the great thing about giving her a massage? You’re already an expert. That’s right; you don’t need any lessons in how to do it. All you need is to get her clothes off of her and her lying down on the bed face down. Then, put a little oil on your hands, and start rubbing. Watch for her reactions, as that will tell you if you’re rubbing too hard in a spot. Sometimes, when one is tense or has sore muscles, rubbing away that tension can be painful, so you want to be careful to not go too hard. On the other hand, you’re not trying to tickle her.

A massage right before bedtime can even help her sleep better. Many women don’t sleep well, because of being worried, tense, or just laying there thinking about things that need to be done. Giving your wife a massage right before going to sleep, might just be what she needs in order to sleep well. There might be some additional benefits too.

So, have some fun helping her get rid of her tension. Who knows, maybe it will become a regular part of your life.

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