Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Start Her a Collection

Some women are extremely easy to buy for; while there are others who challenge the best of us. It’s not that they don’t like anything; it’s just hard to figure out what it is that they like. Even worse, what they like seems to be a moving target, so just because they like it one time, doesn’t mean they’ll like it the next.

It’s easy to get frustrated in a situation like that and just give up buying gifts for her. But, you know, that’s really not the answer. Giving up is just going to put distance between the two of you, when what you’re trying to do is draw her closer. You’ve got to find a way around that problem, so that you can still give her some type of small romantic gifts from time to time.

Here’s a simple solution for this problem; start her a collection. Many women collect something; generally speaking, something cute. It can be almost anything, just as long as it’s something that she likes. My dad started a Hummel figurine collection for my mom. I started a music box collection for my wife.

Don’t make cost your major deciding factor in your decision. If possible, pick something that gives you the flexibility to buy some inexpensive gifts and some more expensive ones. That way you can not only have more variety to choose from, but you can still buy a gift for your wife, even when you don’t have a whole lot of cash that you can afford to spend on it. Like any romantic gift, it’s not so much about how much you spend as it is about doing something for her.

Here are a few ideas that I’ve seen through the years:
  • Precious Moments figurines
  • Antique greeting cards
  • Teddy bears
  • Crystal figurines, small dishes, etc.
  • Music boxes
  • Hummel figurines
  • Glass cats or dogs (Fenton Glass)
  • Memorabilia that has to do with something she has in interest in
  • Disney characters
  • Decorative painted plates

Remember, the idea is to have something that speaks both to and about her personality. Starting a glass cat collection for a woman who doesn’t like cats, probably won’t work out too good. On the other hand, if her name is Kathy and she’s got four cats in the house, you’re probably on to a good thing.

What you’ve done by starting this collection is to make things easier for yourself, while at the same time, giving something nice to your wife. Now, whenever you have trouble coming up with a gift for her, you can always buy her something to add to her collection. Or, you can buy a collectible to go along with whatever other larger gift you buy for her. It’ll help make gift giving just that much more romantic.

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