Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be the First to Say “I’m Sorry”

One of the things we struggle with as guys is admitting our faults. We tend to see that admission as a weakness, and don’t want anyone to know we could possibly have weaknesses. Since saying I’m sorry is a sure admission of fault, we tend to avoid using those words. We expect our wives to tell us they’re sorry, but we don’t want to say it.

Every couple has disagreements from time to time. Depending on the couple, some of those disagreements turn into fights. Some of those fights get so bad, that the kids start running around in helmets and flak jackets, looking for the nearest foxhole to dive into.

If we really look at it, most of those fights start from something that’s quite small. In reality it is usually something that’s not worth fighting over; of course, that doesn’t stop us from fighting over it.

In any fight between couples, both parties are at fault. Of course, both parties want to throw the entire fault on the other person, but that’s not fair. Each of them has their part in the fracas, and whatever caused the fracas to start. It’s pride and self-centeredness that makes us start the fight, and it’s pride that won’t let us capitulate.

Day 87 – Okay, here’s the secret to putting an end to any fight that you have with your wife. Are you ready for this? Sure you can handle it? It’s going to take guts on your part. Okay, here it is. All you have to do to end the fight is to be the first one to say “I’m sorry.”

Settle down; settle down. I just told you a moment ago that both of you are at fault, all I’m doing is telling you that you should be the first one to say that you are sorry for whatever your part of the fault is. I’m not saying that you should accept any fault that isn’t yours, just that you accept and admit your fault.

Isn’t that better than continuing the fight? Don’t you want to get over the fight and get your marriage back on track? Isn’t your relationship with your wife worth more than whatever you are fighting about? Well, give it the priority it deserves, and be quick to say, “I’m sorry.”

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