Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wash Her Feet

At what we call the Last Supper, Jesus Christ initiated what is known in Christendom as the Communion Supper. This was a symbolic act, in which He took bread and wine, and established the New Covenant between God and Man.

There’s a part of the original Communion service that somehow has gotten ignored throughout church history, that of washing the disciples feet. Scripture tells us that Jesus took off his outer robe, wrapped a towel around him, filled a basin with water, and washed the feet of His 12 disciples, one of whom was about to betray Him.

In that time period, it was normal to wash the feet upon entering into a home. They didn’t have shoes and socks like us, but instead had sandals. Nor were their streets paved, but just made of dirt. It was normal for the feet to get dirty, so they would wash them. In a wealthy home, this was a job done by the lowest servant. In the case of a rabbi (teacher) and his disciples, a disciple would at times wash his rabbi’s feet.
Yet, in this case, we see the rabbi washing the feet of his disciples. He did it as an act of service, and commanded that they do this one to another, as an act of service.

Day 92 – This is a great way to make your wife feel really special. It needs to be done in a moment of privacy, and will have the greatest impact if it is done sometime when your wife feels beaten down, overwhelmed by problems, or just depressed.

Just as Jesus did with His disciples, you too can wash the feet of your wife. Let her know that you are doing it because you want to serve her; not as a slave, but out of love. If you feel so inclined, pray for her while you are washing her feet.

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