Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spontaneous Flowers

We all know that flowers are a romantic gift to give to our wives; women love to receive flowers. The trick is to give them sometime when she’s not expecting them. C’mon now, if you give her flowers for valentine’s day or your anniversary, that’s not much of a surprise, is it?

We lived on the road, in a Winnebego, for a number of years. In the short time we owned the motorhome, before taking off from home to live in it, I did a number of modifications to it, mostly to maximize storage space and prepare it for us being full-time RV’ers. Knowing that my wife loves flowers, and that a vase wouldn’t last too long on the table, I made my wife a wall-mounted vase. This made it easy for me to surprise her with a spontaneous flower from time to time (just one, that’s all that would fit).

It seems those same flowers that you gave her on your anniversary have a whole lot more impact if you do it just because it’s Tuesday; or, just because you saw them and thought of her. Actually, that really makes a difference, especially if you tell her, “I just happened to see these and thought of you.”

Day 85 – Well, here’s a slightly different way of just seeing some flowers and thinking of her. It requires just a little bit of preplanning, but it’s not hard to do. Okay, here’s the preplanning part: put a pair of scissors in the glove compartment of your car. Got it? That wasn’t all that hard.

The next step is a little bit harder. That is, keep your eyes open the next time you are driving somewhere with your wife. What you’re looking for is a house that has some beautiful flowers out front. Stop at that house for a minute. Grab your scissors and ask your wife to excuse you for a moment.

Now comes the hard part. Ring the doorbell and compliment that total stranger on how beautiful their garden is. They’ll be flabbergasted that you stopped to compliment them. Then, ask them if you can cut just one flower for your wife. Unless they are growing those flowers for some sort of competition, they’ll probably say yes.

Like I said, the surprise helps. Your wife will appreciate that one flower more than if you’d come home with a dozen from the grocery store.

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