Sunday, January 30, 2011

Notice Her

What was it about your wife that first attracted you to her? Was it her hair? Her face? Her figure? C’mon now, don’t try and tell me it was her grasp of nuclear physics. While I’m sure there’s some guy, somewhere in the world that was attracted to his wife for her intellect, I’m also sure that it’s probably just that one guy. There's also probably one guy who was really attracted to his wife for her cooking, and one who was attracted to her for her sense of humor. But for the rest of us, we tend to be attracted to the gals for their looks, nor for their brains.

If that’s the case, then why do we stop noticing them somewhere along the way? You know the complaint as well as I do. She goes to the beauty parlor and has her hair done different in some way, and we don’t notice. Like I said, what happens to make us stop noticing?

Day 96 – Okay, today’s romantic act is a simple one. Start by taking a good long look at your wife. Check out her hair style, the clothing style, makeup, her figure; make sure you really know what she looks like; not how you remember her, but how she looks now. If she notices you doing it, just tell her you like looking at her, she’ll be flattered.

Okay, now that you’ve got that in your memory bank, form the habit to really look at her every day. When you walk in the door from work would probably be an ideal time to do that. Notice any difference between how she looks, and that image you just put in your mind. Compliment her on anything different you see.

Obviously, if what you see isn’t good, you’re better off not saying anything. No woman likes being told that it looks like she’s gaining weight or her hair is turning greyer; just focus on the positive. If the difference is something that took some obvious action on her part, like having her hair done differently, it’s especially important that you notice it and say something. You don’t need to say whether you like it, or not. The point is that you noticed she’d done something different with her looks.

It’s clear we might have a problem with this. What if she makes a change in her appearance, and you don’t like it, what do we do then? What you need to do in those cases is to still mention it, without offering your opinion. If she pushes you for your opinion, find something nice to say.

Women all want to be noticed and they all want to be thought of as pretty. It’s not somebody else’s job to do that, it’s yours. Be a man, notice your beautiful wife.

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