Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Electronic Love Notes

You know, sometimes it’s actually easier to say something on paper than it is in person; especially for those who are unused to saying “sweet nothings.” Being able to say it on paper allows you the time to think of how you want to say it, instead of having to come up with it in real time.

Many guys think that they can’t write a love note, but they really can. The problem is that they think a love note has to be written as well as if Shakespeare himself wrote it. Hey, your wife didn’t marry Shakespeare, she’s not expecting that of you; but she is expecting you to express your love to her.

Day 81 – Let’s be a little bit different with our love notes. Since we’re living in the information age, let’s use a little bit of technology this time. It seems to me as if the Internet is a perfect tool for a little secret romance. Since your wife probably knows your e-mail account, why not open a new one, just to use for sending her some mystery love notes. Don’t name it with something that is obviously you, but don’t name it with something that sounds like a spammer either.

What you’re going to do is send your wife a series of short e-mail love notes; but do it as if you are a secret admirer. Now, you’ve got to be careful with this, because you don’t want to sound creepy and freak her out. What you want to do is sound like her loving husband, but don’t say it’s you.

Okay, your subject line on all these e-mails should be “I Love You.” That should be enough to get her to open it, even if she doesn’t recognize the sender. In each of these, deal with something positive about her or about your relationship. You can use this list to give you some ideas:

·         Something you like that she does for you
·         Something that you admire about her
·         Some character trait that she has, which impresses you
·         Something you like about the way she looks
·         Something you’d like to do with her
·         Some place you’d like to go with her
·         What makes you want to be around her

Remember, make them positive. It’s going to ruin the entire effect if you mention one negative thing in that e-mail. Finally, sign them as “Your Not-So-Secret Admirer.” She’ll probably figure out who it is pretty quick, but that’s okay, you want her to.

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