Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She Needs a Tough Guy

The world has always been a dangerous place to live in. Sadly, it seems to be getting more and more dangerous. Everywhere you go, you hear of more violence, more crime, more gang activity and more drugs. It’s as if mankind is collectively going crazy.

If there was ever a time in history when our families needed us to be their protector, it’s now. Oh, I know that there have been other dangerous times in history; and it seems that men have been equipped with the personality traits necessary to face violence and danger. But, somewhere along the line, we’ve gotten the idea that society is safe, we don’t have to worry about marauding Vikings, wild animals, or Indians on the warpath.

No, today’s marauders don’t stand out like lions and tigers and bears, they blend in to the city where we live. That’s part of what makes them so dangerous; their camouflage.

Day 75 – This is probably going to be one of the easiest ideas I’ve given you; in fact, it should seem like something that’s just natural for you to do. What I’m suggesting is that you take that natural role of being your wife’s protector; maybe just do it a little more obviously.

We all know that night time is the more dangerous time of the day. Criminals, drunks and other forms of life seem to come out of the woodwork after dark. That’s the time when our wives need us to be their protectors, more than anything.

We have some friends here in the area. She works in the medical field, as an ultrasound tech in a hospital. Because of her work, she frequently gets calls to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Her husband always gets up and takes her to the hospital; so that she doesn’t have to go out alone at night. If for some reason he can’t do it, their teenage son takes her. That man makes it clear that he wants to protect his wife.

If someone needs to answer the front door at night, make sure you’re the one to do it. Likewise, if there is a need to make a run to the grocery store. Why put your wife at risk, if you can easily go out to pick up whatever-it-is, instead of sending her out to do it.

Give your wife the sense of security to know that you’re her “tough guy” and you won’t let anything happen to her. 

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